Strategically position targeted ads in front of desired audience who previously interacted with your site – as they browse around the web

Bring past visitors back to your site, turn them into customers


The average stickiness of users on any website is less than 10%. The rest of the traffic simply leaves without ever taking any desired action. Whenever users visit your website, they may or may not be looking to buy a product. Sometimes, it is just out of curiosity or to compare rates. But, once they exit your site, they are gone forever.

Remarketing allows businesses to continually engage with the users who have previously visited their website or shown interest in their products or services.

Remarketing uses website cookies to follow the users throughout the web. The cookie lets any of the retargeting platforms know that a potential customer had visited your site, and the platform then prompts your Ad across its network.

This is particularly useful for companies selling large ticket items, or for products which takes a longer cycle to convert.

Due to the specificity of targeting, Remarketing yields higher conversion rates at the lowest cost. Users who take action on Remarketing ads know exactly what to expect after landing on your site.

Mobistreak will help you succeed in remarketing by building a sophisticated remarketing strategy uniquely suited to your business need. We will help you achieve your campaign goal both in Search and Display by driving your target users back to your websites to take the desired action.

Dynamic remarketing

Dynamic Remarketing

Dynamic Remarketing allows you to show previous visitors ads based on products or services they had viewed earlier in your site. Using Dynamic Remarketing, you can target your audience with custom messages and drive them back to your site to complete the action that they had started off earlier.

Dynamic prospecting

Dynamic prospecting

Dynamic prospecting allows you to target your prospects, with best products at the right time. Unlike dynamic remarketing, Dynamic prospecting focuses on driving new users, who have not previously visited your site, but are likely to convert. This is very useful for new advertisers. It uses machine learning to understand what potential buyers are looking for and then it matches your best products with the demography of the users who are likely to convert.

Remarketing Lists for Search Ads

Remarketing Lists for Search Ads (RLSA)

RLSA helps you target users who had previously visited your site but did not take any desired action with custom ads while they are actively searching on Google or any of its search partners. Keeping in mind that these users had earlier visited your site or seen your products, you can set your bids, create ads or select keywords that you think is appropriate. Though RLSA campaigns often drive lower volume, but they are likely to convert better than traditional Search campaigns,

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