Shopping Ads

Engage consumers as they shop across platforms with product listing ads

Target potential customers and help them discover your relevant products right when they are actively searching for it

Google shopping ads

Google shopping has the potential to generate massive sales for retailers. Studies show that shopping ads drive as much as 75% of clicks for all retailers. Hence it should be one of the core arsenal of your digital marketing game plan.

Google shopping ads, also known as Product Listing Ads(PLAs), are most suitable for those who have physical products for sale. PLAs allow showing your target audience detailed information about your product e.g., price, description, special offer, image etc.,. Your target audience can see all these information much before they click your ad or visit your site. Hence the clicks or website visits that you generate from Shopping ads are usually from high intent users those who are ready to make a purchase.

While Shopping Ads has the potential to drive top results, it can get complicated because there is no keyword targeting involved here unlike search campaigns. It is powered by product feeds that need constant monitoring and maintenance to keep it synced with your product inventory and pricing.

product feeds monitoring

Merchant Center Monitoring

We will manage your product feeds and keep it up-to-date by uploading product information including product description, picture, pricing in timely manner. Our Shopping Ad experts will constantly monitor and make sure there are no feed errors that negatively impacts your sales.

bidding optimization

Bidding Optimization

Using combination of automated & manual bidding, we will optimize your bids across shopping campaigns so that it generates maximum possible clicks and conversions while maintaining daily and monthly target budget.

campaign management

Campaign Management

We build and manage your shopping campaigns end-to-end by performing thorough research on keywords, competition and your product offering. We take into account seasonal trends, clearance sales, new arrivals and discount offers to build high performing campaigns that gets maximum ROI out of your marketing efforts.

product group structure

Product Group Structure

Since Shopping Ad doesn’t offer keyword based targeting, only way you can manage your campaign targeting and bidding in a more granular manner is through Product Groups. We will segment your products within ad groups based on model, brand and pricing and make sure that right product gets matched with right user query and at the desirable bid value.

shopping feed management

Shopping Feed Management

Shopping feed is the core of shopping ads. If not managed well, it can impact the volume and quality of traffic for your products. Our Shopping Ad experts will create and manage shopping feeds by writing impactful product titles, descriptions and classifying it under suitable product categories so that  your product matches as precisely with user queries as possible.

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