How to Generate B2B Leads through Linkedin?

For any business, generating leads is an essential task.

If you want to convert visitors into customers, you must gather a reliable flow of potential leads.

That is the crux of the entire marketing strategy.

But generating leads is not a cakewalk. It requires a lot of finesse and time.

Studies reveal that 65% of companies say that generating traffic and potential customers is their peak marketing challenge.

Today, Marketers have many new ways to target potential customers. At the forefront are social networks.

And if we talk about potential customers of the highest quality, LinkedIn is the clear winner.

LinkedIn has 562 million regular use and 91% of marketing professionals list LinkedIn as the top place to find quality content (you might be one of them and so are we).

If you have mistaken Facebook to be the one, you’re mistaken.

It isn’t true. More than 80% of B2B leads sourced from social media come from LinkedIn.

SO how do you begin generating leads from Linkedin? Here are 4 tips:

1. Optimize your Profile

If you are using LinkedIn to connect with people you don’t know, your profile needs to be fully optimized.

Imagine when you have never met someone before and they try to connect with you through LinkedIn, what are you going to look for?

If you see a casual selfie and one or two simple words that describe what you are doing, they will shut down immediately and decline your invitation.

However, if you see a high-quality professional image that shows a professional image and an intriguing biography, they will want to know more.

This means that optimizing your profile is utmost important. Complete your profile fully by featuring a professional photo and write an informative description / title, to begin with.

2. Target Decision Makers:

The next step will be to start connecting with your current and past contacts, focusing on relationships where trust already exists. It’s easy to search LinkedIn to find people with whom you have lost contact.

When you receive a new business card from someone you know, look for it through LinkedIn and invite them to connect with you. If you are just starting as a LinkedIn user, you can import your contacts from Outlook, Hotmail, Gmail, Yahoo!, Or AOL. Make sure you link your Linkedin profile on your resume or portfolio so that people can connect with you quickly.

The Linkedin advanced search option also allows you to search for new connections. Filter your search only for decision makers and send them a personalized connection request. Any other person would probably be a waste of time.

Decision makers generally have the following positions:

  • CEO
  • HR Director
  • Marketing Director
  • Sales Manager

3. Join/create and post in relevant groups

Groups are incredibly powerful for your personal brand. Use Advanced Search to find professionals within your company and the industry in general. Groups contain a wealth of information and active audience where you can learn a lot about your industry by tuning in to the conversations. You can discover new insights about pain points in your industry and learn how to cope with them.

If group policies allow content sharing, begin building your credibility in the group by sharing relevant content that fits the interests of the group. This content includes relevant blog posts, links to articles you have written, publications that cite it and event notices for webinars.

4. Create and publish articles regularly

Simply optimizing your profile and not doing any engagement activities is only half of the work done. Be sure to stay active on the platform for better visibility, visit people’s profiles, submit personalized connection requests and try to create an article or two in a week.

Good content always sells. Try writing interesting topics based on your industry and make sure it is a problem-solving solution for your audience and consists of meaningful information. You can also politely ask your readers to share or comment if it was helpful for them.


Generating sales through LinkedIn is a slow process. It could take months before you see actual results.

But because of the relationship you get to build and the advanced targeting options within LinkedIn, it’s worth the wait.

By using the above strategy, you can generate more conversions than you can imagine. For more such tips subscribe to our newsletter by dropping your email here.