Importance of Having a
Call Tracking Number

What is Call tracking and What are its Benefits for Businesses?

As a business owner or marketer, your goal is to make your business phone ring and convert prospective leads to customers. Despite the popularity of web forms, online chat, and email surveys, many people still prefer to connect to a business by making a phone call. But if you’re not tracking phone calls, you’re missing critical insights into your marketing campaign and sales performance.

Call monitoring systems provide detailed analytics to help you swiftly identify which advertising channels are the most effective for your business.

What Is a Call Tracking Number?

A call tracking number is nothing but a designated unique phone number used for a particular marketing campaign. This number is routed to your business phone number, which makes it very convenient to track various call metrics associated with the given marketing strategy.

The tracking number can either be a local or a toll-free number.

1. Local numbers

Local phone numbers connect your business to the local region or community. The numbers are highly effective for businesses that target customers who prefer to buy from local businesses. Local numbers are also effective when used in campaigns targeting audiences in specific geographical locations.

2. Toll-free numbers

Toll-free numbers project an international impression of your business. The numbers are also free, and therefore, customers won’t incur any costs when they call.

Toll-free vanity numbers can be used for conventional offline marketing campaigns, such as billboards, TV, and radio ads. Moreover, you can use the numbers for your online marketing campaigns as you wait for the tracking number to go live on your website.

When you use a tracking phone number, your potential customers can see it on your offline or online campaigns. When they call the number, the call will be routed to your business number. After the call, you’ll get detailed information such as:

  • The campaign from where the call originated
  • The caller’s number
  • Time of the call
  • Area code of the caller
  • Duration of the call

From this data, you can see the performance of your marketing campaigns and what you need to improve conversation rates.

Why is it important to track calls?

There are several benefits of call tracking, the most important of all is that it helps build ROI from your marketing campaigns. Phone calls have continually proven to give a higher conversion rate than website clicks. The former sees a 30 to 50% conversion rate compared to 1 to 2% conversion rate achieved through clicks. From this data, it is clear that businesses MUST be tracking their calls.

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